How to Troubleshoot the Rheem Furnace That Will Not Light

Gas furnaces by Rheem are energy efficient and offer a heat exchange on the furnace that is made out of stainless and aluminized steel to provide corrosion resistance, while the blower compartment is insulated to reduce noise. A Rheem gas furnace operates through a pilot light that is ignited through a direct spark mechanism for easy lighting. However, if the furnace will not light, perform some troubleshooting steps to help identify the problem before contacting an authorized service technician.

A gas light will glow blue and stay lit when operating correctly

Step 1

Turn off the furnace and unplug from the power supply. Remove the control door.

Step 2

Turn the gas control switch to "Off" and wait 5 minutes to allow any gas in the lines to clear.

Step 3

Stop and smell for gas. If gas is detected, stop immediately and leave the house. Contact your gas company or local fire station.

Step 4

Turn the gas switch to "On" if no gas is detected and close the control door. Restore power to the furnace.

Step 5

Set the thermostat to the desired temperature.

Step 6

Turn the thermostat to the lowest possible setting if the furnace still does not light. Turn off the power supply and remove the control door. Turn the gas switch to "Off".

Step 7

Remove the filter from the front panel and use a small hand-held vacuum to remove excess dirt and debris. Wash with some warm water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Rinse well and air dry completely before reinstalling in the furnace.

Step 8

Repeat Steps 1 through 5. If the furnace still does not light, contact an authorized service technician.