AquaSource kitchen faucets are sold through the Lowe's chain of home-improvement centers. If you discover a problem with your AquaSource faucet, you can purchase and install the parts you need for repair and do the work yourself. The AquaSource line of faucets uses the same universal repair parts as other brands, so finding those parts at a home-improvement center or hardware store will not be an issue.

Step 1

Determine the source of the problem before you begin. If the AquaSource faucet is not working, or if it is leaking, you will need to disassemble the assembly to fix the problem. If the handles are simply hard to turn, you may be able to resolve the problem by placing a small amount of oil on the joints of the handles.

Step 2

Turn the faucet on, then turn off the water supply at the shut-off valve.

Step 3

Find the set screw at the front of the handle and remove it with an Allen wrench. Place the set screw in a safe place, then carefully remove the handle and set it aside.

Step 4

Locate the cartridge-retaining cap located just under where the handle had been. Turn the cap counterclockwise to remove it, then set it aside.

Step 5

Pull the cartridge out, using either your hands or a pair of pliers. Use an emory cloth to remove any sediment, then pour a little white vinegar into the body of the faucet to loosen any remaining debris. Let the vinegar sit for 20 minutes, then clean the faucet with a cloth.

Step 6

Install a new cartridge, if the AquaSource faucet has been leaking, by lining the guide on the it up with the faucet, then pushing it into place until you hear it click.

Step 7

Screw the cartridge-retaining cap back on while holding the new cartridge in place. Tighten the cap firmly by hand; do not use pliers.

Step 8

Place the handle back on top of the faucet and insert the set screw, turning it with the Allen wrench until tight.

Step 9

Turn the water back on under the sink and run the faucet for several minutes to remove any debris and dust from the new cartridge.