Schlage provides a variety of rekeying kits, each of which are compatible with a variety of Schlage locks. Go to your local hardware or home improvement store to find the rekeying kit that is labeled as compatible with your specific Schlage lock. Each kit comes with a variety of tools and hardware, providing everything you need to disassemble and then rekey your lock without calling a locksmith. Disassembling a Schlage lock without reading through the instructions first could result in lost or damaged parts, making the simple job much more complex.

Step 1

Insert the old key into the lock and turn it clockwise 90 degrees. Press the rounded end of the key gauge from the Schlage rekeying kit against the button on the post behind the doorknob.

Step 2

Grab the doorknob as you continue to press the key gauge against the post and pull the knob off. Turn the key counterclockwise ninety degrees and remove it from the lock.

Step 3

Push on the keyhole area of the lock mechanism so that the lock cylinder slides out the hole in the back of the doorknob. Do not push so hard you cannot gently grab the cylinder as it exits the knob.

Step 4

Insert the notched "U" shape on the key gauge over the back end of the lock cylinder. Slide the key gauge toward the back of the cylinder to remove the retaining ring.

Step 5

Put the old key back into the keyhole and turn it clockwise ninety degrees. Insert the plug follower tool into the back end of the lock cylinder, then push the plug follower as you pull with the key to slide the plug out of the cylinder. Reassemble the lock in the reverse order you took it apart.