How to Screw Screws Into the Wall

Screws are incredibly versatile construction tools. No matter what your project is or what material is being used, there is a screw made specifically for it. If you need to attach an object to a wall, there is an appropriate screw for the job; you just need to purchase the correct screw for the wall material, such as dry wall, concrete, wood or metal.

Step 1

Insert a drill bit of the same size as the screw (1/4 inch drill bit for a ¼ inch screw). Hold down the release lock for the tip of the drill, and insert the drill bit into the drill.

Step 2

Drill a hole into the area of the wall where you want the hole. If the wall is made out of harder material, such as concrete, you need a special concrete drill bit.

Step 3

Remove the drill bit from the drill once you have created your hole.

Step 4

Place the screw bit into the drill, and place the screw you want inserted into the hole on the tip of the screw bit.

Step 5

Drill the screw completely into the hole. Repeat the process with all other screws.