How to Get a Kitchen Drawer Back on Track

Kitchen drawers hold utensils, dish cloths and sometimes just collect the "junk" we have in one place. Drawers get plenty of use throughout the week. Sometimes a drawer is opened or closed too quickly and it comes off the track. Often when his happens, the drawer becomes slightly stuck in the cabinet. Getting a kitchen drawer back on track requires completely removing the drawer from the cabinet to realign it on the tracks.

Step 1

Attempt to open the drawer enough that you can empty the contents. Even if you can open the drawer only halfway initially, remove as much of the drawer's contents as possible. This reduces the weight of the drawer and also prevents spilling the entire contents.

Step 2

Check the distance between the drawer opening and the sides of the drawer. Grasp the sides of the drawer and pull the drawer toward the side that has more space between the opening and the drawer.

Step 3

Lift the front of the drawer and pull it toward you. It may require force to fully disengage the drawer if it is off the track. Once you have the drawer out of the opening, inspect the track inside the cabinet and the rail on the drawer.

Step 4

Tighten any loose screws on either the track or drawer rails with a screwdriver. Straighten any bends in the track or drawer rail with a pair of pliers.

Step 5

Insert the the rear of the drawer into the opening, lining up the rails on the drawer with the track in the cabinet. Hold the front of the drawer up slightly so the drawer is at an angle when inserting into the opening.

Step 6

Lower the front of the drawer as you push it into the drawer opening. Open and close the drawer a couple of times before replacing the contents to ensure it operates smoothly.