How to Install an Auger Anchor

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Things You'll Need

  • 12-inch solid steel rod

  • Hammer

One of the best ways to anchor sheds or mobile homes is with auger anchors. These devices have auger ends which drive into the ground creating a secure hold for attaching cables or straps. Auger anchors usually do not require cement for permanent placement, unless it is mandated by local building codes. Although there are many methods of using the auger anchor to secure objects, installing the one is the same among all manufacturers.


Step 1

Call the utility company to inspect the area to make sure there are no buried lines where you want to install the anchors. The utility company usually does not charge for this service. They can locate phone, electrical, gas and water lines. This prevents accidentally cutting through one and prevents personal injury.

Step 2

Insert a 12-inch steel rod or hammer handle through the eyelet end of the auger anchor. This will become a handle to give you leverage for turning it. Heavy-duty auger anchors for trailer straps have an opening between the ratchet and bottom of the anchor head for inserting the rod or hammer handle.


Step 3

Position the auger end of the anchor where you want to drive it into the ground. Trailer anchors require that the anchor angle into the ground at 45 degrees with the top of the anchor pointing away from the trailer.

Step 4

Press down on the auger anchor using the rod or hammer handle. Turn the anchor clockwise while pressing down to start driving it into the ground.

Step 5

Continue turning the auger anchor with the hammer or rod until the head of the anchor is four inches from ground level. Attach cables or straps according to the manufacturer's instructions.



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