How to Replace Bed Frame Wheels With Legs

Replacing bed wheels with legs helps prevent the bed from moving at unexpected times. Most bed frames come with both wheels and leg glides. Some leg glides are known as risers because they lift the bed frame a few extra inches off the floor. Replacing bed frame wheels with legs is a quick process once you remove the wheels from the frame. Leg glides are available at home improvement stores, mattress stores and some department stores.

Step 1

Take the mattress and box springs off the bed frame. Stand the box springs and mattress on their sides against a wall. It is a good idea to place the mattress against the wall first and stand the box spring in front of it, because the box springs must go back on the bed frame first.

Step 2

Lift the bed frame six inches off the floor near one of the wheels and look for a pin on the neck of the caster stem. Push the spring pin inward with your thumb and pull the wheel away from the bed.

Step 3

Tap the top of the wheel with a hammer while holding the bed frame off the floor, if there is no pin. This type of wheel fits into a plastic sleeve in the bed frame leg. Once the wheel stem loosens from the bed frame leg, pull it out with your hand.

Step 4

Slip the bed leg glide over the frame leg. Unlike the wheel stem, the frame leg inserts into the glide. Gently lower the frame to the floor. Repeat the process for all the wheels on the bed frame.

Step 5

Push down on the bed frame over each leg to fully seat all of the leg glides, once all of them are in place. Position the box spring and mattress back onto the bed frame.