How to Use a Shop Vac Pump

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Things You'll Need

  • Shop vac

  • Pump attachment

  • Garden hose

The shop vac pump is an attachment that can be used on most wet dry vacs. This pump gives the shop vacuum the ability to soak up and remove large amounts of water, without actually storing the water in the shop vac itself. This is because a garden hose is attached to the shop vac. The hose takes the water to a different location. This process is perfect if you are looking for a quick way to drain an outdoor hot tub or small pool.

Step 1

Remove the lid from the shop vac. There are two snaps (one on either side of the lid) that hold it down. Remove these snaps and lift up on the lid.

Step 2

Insert the pump attachment. This attachment is a rounded tube-shaped object that slides inside the middle of the shop vac. The pump attachment can be purchased at most home-improvement stores. Once the pump attachment is in place snap the lid shut.

Step 3

Remove the plug stopper on the back side of the shop vac. This exposes a thread that you can attach a garden hose to. Tighten the garden hose onto the thread.

Step 4

Move the other end of the garden hose to a place in your lawn where it is okay to carry and expel the water.

Step 5

Power on the shop vac. Use the pro vac's suction tube to remove the water, and the water is taken into the van, and then expelled from the garden hose.


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