How to Troubleshoot a Magic Chef Wine Refrigerator Thermostat

The Magic Chef brand has several different wine cooler models. Each wine fridge made under this brand features a digital thermostat, which is also adjustable in dual zones on certain models, ensuring that whites and reds are kept at their respective optimum temperatures. If you have a Magic Chef Wine Fridge that is having thermostat issues, you have a number of troubleshooting tactics you can employ in order to fix the problem and ensure your fridge is working properly.

Step 1

Double-check your refrigerator to ensure that low thermostat temperatures aren't due to cooling issues with the fridge. Ensure the door is completely shut, and that the circuit is not faulty in the room where the refrigerator is located. A faulty circuit can result in electrical issues, as well as improper cooling, as the refrigerator needs four uninterrupted hours of cooling to stabilize its internal temperature.

Step 2

Refer to your owner's manual to decipher the error codes displayed on your thermostat. These may vary by unit. For example, the Model No. MCWC44DZ displays the error messages "E1," "E2," "E3" or "E4," reflecting issues with the temperature sensors or direct current electric fans. The user's manual indicates that if these abnormal display messages appear, you should contact customer service. Do not attempt to repair the unit yourself in this case.

Step 3

Locate the evaporator fan motor on your unit using the schematics in your user manual. One major fault with these types of wine coolers is that the fan can fail shortly after the one-year warranty expires. If it is not working properly, contact customer service to order a replacement part and set up installation with an in-home technician.