How to Get Rid of Rats in Mobile Home Insulation

Rats can live in a variety of buildings, including mobile homes. They often make nests in the walls or insulation of mobile homes' walls. Rats can cause serious damage to your mobile home's insulation. Thankfully, there are a variety of ways to get rid of rats. If you are unable to get rid of rats on your own, you can call a pest control specialist.

Step 1

Examine the exterior of your mobile home. Look for openings where rats are entering your walls. Since rats are able to flatten themselves, they can fit through very small openings.

Step 2

Put rat traps near the openings. Use cheese or peanut butter as bait to draw the rats out of your mobile home's insulation and capture them in the traps. You can find standard snap rat traps at most hardware stores.

Step 3

Fill any openings in the walls with steel wool. When rats attempt to enter through the holes, the steel wool will stop them. If they attempt to chew through it, it will cut their faces.

Step 4

Use rat poison. Place poison in any openings you see in your mobile home's interior or exterior walls. In addition to standard rat poison, you can also find natural rat poison which is not poisonous to children or pets. Natural rat poison contains Vitamin D3, which causes heart failure in rats.

Step 5

Call pest control specialists. Such professionals will be able to set traps more deeply in your mobile home's insulation to effectively catch the rats. They will then return to remove the rats once they have been captured.