What Are the Disadvantages of a Slim Sauna Belt?

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A Slim Sauna belt is designed to promote weight loss. The belt is worn around a person's waist and fastened with Velcro closures. Once on, an individual hits a button on the belt, activating infrared heat produced by the belt. The heat causes an individual to sweat and eliminates excess pounds. Although the belt promises to aid in weight loss, using it also has its disadvantages.

Burns the Skin

Since Slim Sauna belts emit infrared heat, keeping the belt on for too long can cause an individual's skin to burn. Most sauna belts come with an instruction manual, which provides recommended guidelines for use based on an individual's height and weight. However, because sauna belts are battery operated, an individual is able to move about freely and can easily lose track of time and keep the belt on too long, causing him to accidentally burn his skin. Moreover, the belt comes with a temperature control that allows the user to adjust it to his desired temperature, which can also burn the skin when it is set too high.

Produces Rash and Stomach Pain

For people with sensitive skin, wearing the belt for a prolonged period of time can irritate the skin underneath the belt. The sweat produced by the belt is trapped behind it without access to air. As a result, the skin can become inflamed and a rash may occur. Moreover, an individual can experience stomach pain from wearing the belt too tightly, which can squeeze the skin and produce stomach discomfort.

Sets Unrealistic Expectations

The manufacturers of Slim Sauna belts claim the product enables an individual to lose weight simply by wearing the belt for a recommended period of time. However, users report on Lose Fast Not Faith, a product website, that the belt, at best, enhances weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Sauna Belt, a product-review website, contends that the belt produces minimal effects when used without other proven weight-loss methods, such as diet and exercise. It states that the Slim Sauna belt is just another weight-loss gadget, not unlike weight loss pills and creams.


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