When a drill bit is dull or breaks while you are drilling, replacing the bit is necessary. Changing the Craftsman drill bit depends upon what type of drill you have. Most cordless drills use a keyless chuck. (The chuck is the part of the drill that holds the bit.) Older electric drills with a power cord use a chuck requiring a key to remove the bit. The chuck key usually attaches to the cord. Chuck keys also are available at home improvement centers.

Cordless Drills

Step 1

Depress the tabs on the side of the battery with your fingers and pull the battery away from the drill.

Step 2

Locate the chuck collar and chuck on the drill. The chuck collar is a narrow collar on the chuck in front of the adjustable clutch. Hold the collar with one hand and the drill bit pointing away from you. Turn the chuck clockwise with your free hand to loosen the chuck from the bit.

Step 3

Pull the drill bit out and insert a new bit. Hold the chuck collar and turn the chuck counterclockwise to tighten the chuck jaws around the bit.

Step 4

Push the battery back into the drill until the tabs lock the battery into position.

Electric Drill

Step 5

Unplug the Craftsman drill power cord from the wall outlet. Locate the drill chuck key for the drill. The chuck key is usually attached to the cord with a plastic band. If you do not have a chuck key, purchase one at a hardware store. The chuck key resembles a gear with a T handle on one side and a small pin on the other side.

Step 6

Insert the pin of the chuck key into the hole on the side of the chuck. The outside of the chuck key wheel lines up with the ridges on the chuck collar. Turn the chuck key counterclockwise to loosen the bit from the chuck.

Step 7

Pull the drill bit out of the chuck and insert a new bit. Turn the chuck clockwise by hand to initially tighten the chuck jaws around the bit.

Step 8

Place the chuck key into the side of the chuck, and turn the key clockwise to fully tighten the chuck jaws around the drill bit.