Mice can be pesky little rodents if they get into your home or barn and can also be carriers of many diseases. They can be especially annoying and dangerous if they are actually residing in your mattress. Creeping along in the night, they may keep you awake by their sounds, but you might be more afraid of the possibility of getting bitten by one. You can get mice out of your mattress with the right supplies.

Step 1

Mice are drawn to an area for a reason, which is usually because they have found a source of food or other treat. Rid your bedroom and bed of any food crumbs or open containers. Vacuum the floors, clean the sheets and take out any food containers.

Step 2

Determine how the mice made their way into your home and your mattress, and seal any holes to the outside. A warm home is inviting during the colder months. Inspect your entire house for any potential ways mice could get inside.

Step 3

Buy multiple mouse traps from a supply store, and line them around your mattress. Put something enticing for the mice in the traps to lure them out. This can be peanut butter, oats or even chocolate.

Step 4

Continually check if your traps were successful, and if they were, either release or kill the mouse and reset the trap. Move the traps around to find the best places to lure them out. After you are sure you have caught all of them, get rid of the mice and traps and be diligent about making sure there are no ways for more mice to get into your home.

Step 5

If the traps haven't worked after repeated attempts and repositioning, call an exterminator to eradicate them from the mattress.