Quikie mops are one way to clean your floors without having to get your hands wet. Each mop comes with a built-in wringer that squeezes dirty water out of the mop. Part of the use and care of any mop is replacing the mop head or mop sponges. Changing a Quickie mop head or mop sponge is a quick process. Quickie recommends changing the mop head head or sponge every month or two depending on your daily usage.

Sponge Style Mop

Step 1

Turn the two nuts on the top of the mop head counterclockwise with your fingers. The roller mop uses two wing nuts, while the sponge mop uses two nylon nuts.

Step 2

Pull the old roller or sponge out of the mop head. Align the studs on the replacement sponge with the holes in the mop head. Push the sponge into place until the top of the sponge is flush with the bottom of the mop head.

Step 3

Secure the sponge to the mop head with the retaining nuts. Tighten each nut evenly by hand.

Step 4

Peel the old scrubber pad off the front of the mop head. Position the new scrubber pad over the white gripping surface and press down to secure it to the mop head.

Wringer Style Mop

Step 5

Slide the wringer portion of the handle away from the top of the mop head. Locate the small c-clamp retainer surrounding the top neck of the mop head.

Step 6

Pull the c-clamp off the neck of the mop head with your fingers. Grasp the mop head by the neck and pull it off the mop handle.

Step 7

Align the holes in the neck of the replacement with the handle, and push the handle into the replacement until it seats in the bottom of the neck. Push the c-clamp over the top of the neck to secure the mop head.

Step 8

Peel the old scrubber off the bottom of the wringer portion and push a new one onto the white gripping surface.