How to Sharpen a Cuticle Cutter

A cuticle cutter is an important tool in a manicure, and like all blades it gets dull with repeated use. A dull cuticle cutter cannot give the sharp clean cuts needed to remove dead skin and nails from fingers. Sharpening a cuticle cutter requires a specialized tool called a flat hone. This is because the sharp edges are small and the cutter is shaped like a pliers. The nipping mouth of a cuticle cutter leaves only small room for a sharpener.

Step 1

Extend the jaws of the cuticle cutter fully by pulling apart the handles.

Step 2

Place one of the blades of the cuticle cutter against the edge of the rotating disk of the flat hone. Make sure the cutting edge of the blade of the cuticle cutter makes an angle of 30 degrees with the edge of the flat hone disk.

Step 3

Spin the flat hone disk and hold the cuticle cutter's blade firmly against the disk. Keep sharpening the blade with single rotations of the flat hone disk until the blade is sharp and shiny and without burrs.

Step 4

Repeat the sharpening process with the other blade of the cuticle cutter.