How to Fix a Garage Door Opener. Save yourself money and time by learning to repair your garage door opener. More serious issues, like a broken spring or a blown motherboard, may require professional services, but there are many problems you can fix all by yourself. Use caution, though--your garage door is, by far, the largest moving appliance in your home.

Step 1

Adjust the sensors. If your garage door goes partway down then right back up, your sensors may be out of alignment or there may be an obstruction. The sensors are located on near the railing on the wall toward the bottom of your door.

Step 2

Replace the batteries in your remotes. Though it may seem almost insultingly obvious, it's easy to forget when you last changed the batteries in your remotes. Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest.

Step 3

Make sure the wall button is in the "on" position. Most wall units have a switch that locks the garage door in either the open or closed position. People often flip the switch accidentally.

Step 4

Check and see if you have engaged the garage door opener's emergency release mechanism. All electric garage door openers have an emergency release mechanism (usually a cord that hangs down from the motor) so you can manually open your garage door if your electricity goes out. If it is engaged, disengage it. (See your owner's manual.)

Step 5

Reprogram your remotes. Remotes occasionally lose the frequency of the garage door opener. Consult your owner's manual and reprogram all your remotes.