Propane torches are useful for projects around the house. They are available in hand-held units and units that attach directly to a standard propane tank. Assembling a propane torch is usually a matter of connecting a hose from the tank to the handle. When assembling a propane torch that connects to a standard propane tank, it is necessary to check for leaks before igniting the torch. Gas pipe tape and liquid leak detector are available at home improvement centers.

Step 1

Check that the propane tank valve is off and remove the plastic cap that protects the threads on the side of the tank.

Step 2

Wrap gas pipe tape around the male threads on each end of the propane torch hose. Gas pipe tape is similar to plumber's tape.

Step 3

Thread the hose into the back of the propane torch handle until you can no longer turn it by hand. Turn the hose an additional 3/4 turn with a wrench. There is a nut above the hose threads to accommodate the wrench.

Step 4

Connect the other end of the hose to the propane tank. Turn the connection another 1/2 turn with a pipe wrench. Ensure that the hand wheel on the burner handle is in the "off" position.

Step 5

Turn the propane tank valve handle slowly counterclockwise to supply the torch with propane. Apply liquid leak detector to the hose fittings, according to the package directions, to ensure there are no leaks.