How to Remove Wax From Concrete

How to Remove Wax From Concrete. Concrete is a versatile substance used for flooring, fireplace mantels, outdoor patios and more. This porous substance, however, tends to soak up just about everything. If you have been battling with wax drippings on your nice, clean concrete, never fear. A few simple tricks can get remove that wax for good.

Step 1

Use the smooth edge of a butter knife to carefully scrape off any large clumps of wax. Be careful not to scratch the concrete. Use a broom or dust buster to remove any loose pieces of wax.

Step 2

Fill a standard clothing iron with water and turn it onto it's highest steam setting. Make sure that the iron is not so full that water spills from the spout when you tip the iron. Excess water in the wax will only make removal more difficult.

Step 3

Place a thick brown paper bag over the wax and then heat the bag with your iron. The paper bag should be very clean, without any colored markings or grease as these substances can further stain your concrete when moist steam and heat is added. Make sure that you keep the iron moving or you could potentially set the bag on fire. The wax will be quickly drawn into the bag.

Step 4

Replace the bag with a clean piece of paper as it becomes saturated with wax. Continue with the hot steam iron until all traces of wax have been removed.