How to Un-Stick a Sliding Glass Door

How to Un-Stick a Sliding Glass Door. Sliding glass doors are useful and a beautiful addition to your home if they don't stick. Take a couple of hours to check out the problem, make some minor repairs and your sticky situation should be moving along smoothly again.

Step 1

Try cleaning the tracks that the doors slide on to clear out dirt and debris. Vacuum out any loose dirt and use damp paper towels and household cleaner to remove any stuck-on grime.

Step 2

Remove the doors if general cleaning doesn't do the trick. Use caution and have assistance in removing the doors from the tracks.

Step 3

Take a look at the rollers on the top and bottom of the doors. If they are bent or cracked, they will need to be replaced. If they appear all right, this is a good time to do general cleaning. The top roller should be cleaned with denatured alcohol using a damp cloth and sprayed with a silicone spray. The bottom roller should be rubbed with a paraffin wax or candle wax, as it needs more lubrication than the top roller.

Step 4

Check the track with the doors removed to see if there are any visible signs of damage or if the track has bent with settling of the house. Check the frame under the track to see if it is broken or if the wood has rotted underneath the frame.

Step 5

Replace any damaged weather stripping that has come loose or wasn't there to begin with. Tighten up any loose screws or replace any missing ones.

Step 6

Use the same caution replacing the doors back into the sliding tracks all clean, repaired and ready to slide.