How to Troubleshoot a Garage Door that Stops Halfway Down

Garage doors add security and convenience to a home. They help protect your garage and car from weather elements like cold air, rain and snow. Garage doors also help protect your car and garage equipment from vandalism and theft. Automated garage doors are very convenient because you can open and close them without getting out of the car. If your garage door is stuck halfway open, you'll need to know how to troubleshoot the problem.


Check the wires going into the control box if you have an automatic door. If the wires are frayed or not connected properly, you could be experiencing a short while the door is in motion. The box is located on the ceiling of the garage, so you may need a ladder. You may be able to plug loose wires back in or reconnect them, while frayed wires (where the wire covering has been breached) likely need to be replaced to prevent sparks and danger of fire.

Inspect the track and the wheels that allow the door to roll up and down. If the track has gotten dirt in it or is warped at all, the door can get stuck. Clean the track out with a wet rag as needed and apply lubricant to the track and the wheels to allow the door to slide more easily. Warps can be fixed by carefully hammering the track back into place.

Adjust the force settings on an automated garage door. There are usually two screws on the control box for an automated garage door. One controls the force of the door going up and the other is for the force of the door going down. Change the settings by turning the appropriate screw with a flat head screwdriver to see if that helps the door movement.