How to Make Footers for Mobile Home Foundations

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Things You'll Need

  • Shovel

  • Boards

  • Concrete


Check all footers once you have completed the job to make sure they are the same height above the ground. Rent tools from a home-improvement store if you have to remove some of the concrete to make them level.

Making proper footers is the first step in creating a firm foundation for your mobile home.

Footers are the base on which mobile-home foundations sit. They must be built with care because the proper installation of footers is a critical part of keeping the foundation level. Underpinning walls and foundation-pier systems both require footers. Make footers for mobile-home foundations with concrete and some digging skills.

Step 1

Mark off the location and size of the footers. Remember to place footers and support piers under any portion of the home that will bear a heavy load. This will reduce stress on the frame and subfloors. Footers should not extend past the support piers more than the depth of the footer. If your footer is 8 inches deep, no more than 4 inches should extend out on either side.

Step 2

Dig trenches for footers, making sure to dig below the frost line for your area. This will allow room for the footers to shift in changing weather conditions.

Step 3

Construct a mold by creating a wood frame in which to pour the concrete. Build the mold to the height the footers will be when completed. This makes leveling the footers easier.

Step 4

Pour concrete into footer molds. Make sure you place enough concrete into the mold so the mold will be full when you level it off.

Step 5

Level all footers using another piece of lumber. Keep a bucket or wheelbarrow handy for collecting all excess concrete.


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