How to Repair a Deck With Wood Filler

Wood filler—or wood putty as it is more often called—is designed to fill in small cracks, dings and dents in a variety of wood surfaces. If your deck has a large hole in it, wood putty is not going to fix it. If, however, you have a few small scars or burrs in the surface of your deck, then wood putty will have it looking like new in no time.

Wood filler can be useful if your deck only requires minor repairs.

Step 1

Clean the area around the ding, dent or scratch with soap, water and a scouring pad. It is important that you get it as clean as possible in order for the wood filler to work correctly.

Step 2

Choose a solvent-based wood putty that matches the color of your deck. Water-based putties can freeze in inclement weather or dissolve in heavy rains. Solvent-based putty will also work better in deeper holes.

Step 3

Scrape some of the wood putty out of the jar and squish it down into the area that needs repair with a putty knife. Fill the crack completely with wood putty.

Step 4

Wait for the putty to dry.

Step 5

Repeat these steps for each crack or dent in your deck.

Step 6

Smooth down the putty lightly with sandpaper so that it blends in with the wood around it.