Correct Way to Sharpen Scissors

Remember the straight, clean, easy slice your shiny new scissors made with every cut when they were brand new? With time, household scissors tend to grow dull, and require more effort to produce a clean cut. There is no need to buy a new pair of scissors just because the pair you love has gone dull after multiple uses. You can have those sharp blades once more by honing them yourself. It is important, however, that you take the time to sharpen scissors the correct way, and handle them with caution to prevent injury.

Make your scissors sharp again by honing them yourself.

Step 1

Hold the slanted edge of one scissor blade against the sharpening stone, angling it as closely as possible to the stone.

Step 2

Run the blade along the stone, starting at the tip of the blade and moving upward. Release, and align the blade against the stone once more. Repeat several times until the blade is sharp. Do not run the blade back and forth along the stone.

Step 3

Repeat the above steps on the other scissor blade.

Step 4

Open and close the scissors several times to loosen the joint and free it of metal particles.