How to Load a Tape Gun

Tape guns are designed to hold a roll of masking, painting or packaging tape and allow the user to dispense a desired amount of tape with only one hand. Using a tape gun is as simple as placing the extended tape at the front of the gun on the surface, pressing downward to attach the tape to the surface and pulling backward. The tape is dispensed and is cut by pulling the tape against the serrated plate on the gun. Loading a tape gun is a moderately easy process.

Man taping box
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Step 1

Remove old tape or cardboard cores from the tape gun by pulling the core straight out from the retaining wheel. The wheel is large and located near the top center of the gun. Depending on the manufacturer, it may be necessary to open a latch or retainer to access the tape core.

Step 2

Pull any remaining tape from the feed wheel located at the lower front of the tape gun making sure all old tape material is removed from the gun.

Step 3

Attach a new roll of tape in the gun by sliding the cardboard core onto the retaining wheel. Make sure the tape is positioned so that the free end is positioned in a counterclockwise direction.

Step 4

Pull the free end of the tape down and beneath the feed roller. There typically will be a small plate positioned just below the wheel to help feed and provide tension to the tape. The tape must be fed between the roller and plate.

Step 5

Extend the tape up to the nose of the gun, to a point just below the serrated cutting teeth are located.