How to Get Melted Candles Out of a Glass Holder

Candles that have melted all over your glass candle holders can be a real pain. You can't clean them when they first melt, or you will burn your hands. Invariably, by the time you have a chance to clean them off, the wax will have melted into tiny nooks and crevices. You can get the candle wax off easily using just a few simple steps.

Easily get the wax off your candle holders using the things in your kitchen.


Step 1

Place the candle holder in the freezer once the wax has cooled completely.

Step 2

Leave it in the freezer for at least one hour.

Step 3

Take the candle holder out of the freezer and pop the candle out with your fingers.


Step 4

Fill a bowl with warm water and set it on the counter.

Step 5

Fully submerge the candle holder in the water.

Step 6

Take the candle holder out and take out the candle. The warm water softens the wax enough for it to come right out.