Drills have either a keyed chuck or a keyless chuck to secure the drill bit inside the chuck. When releasing the drill bit from the chuck, know what type of chuck you have. Keyless chucks do not have holes on the outside of the chuck. Most keyless chuck drills are cordless. Chucks that have holes on the side will have a chuck key. This is a metal piece that resembles a "T" with what appears to be a small gear. The key will rotate the chuck jaws away from the drill bit.

Releasing a drill bit depends on the type of drill chuck.

Keyless Chuck Drill

Step 1

Press the directional switch into the center position. The directional switch is what you use to reverse the rotation of the drill chuck. The switch is normally in front of the trigger on the drill body.

Step 2

Rotate the chuck body counterclockwise to unlock the chuck. The chuck body is where the bit inserts and the chuck jaws secure the bit.

Step 3

Hold the chuck collar with one hand. The chuck collar is the part between the chuck and the drill. Rotate the chuck body with your other hand counterclockwise. Remove the drill bit from the chuck.

Chucks With Keys

Step 4

Insert the chuck key into the chuck hole with the ribs of the key meshing with the ribs on the chuck body.

Step 5

Turn the chuck key counterclockwise with your thumb.

Step 6

Turn the key until the chuck jaws release the drill bit.