Halogen lights can provide a very bright illumination for working in the dark. Many construction crews use them for night work, but car manufacturers are starting to install them in cars for easier travel in fog or dark roads. Smaller halogen downlights can be used in the kitchen of your home to give you the added light needed for preparing meals, or in the bathroom for more light when looking in the mirror. Changing the bulb in your halogen downlight is very similar to changing the bulb in any light fixture.

Changing a halogen downlight is easy with a few simple steps.

Step 1

Turn off the power source to the light at the light switch or on the breaker box. Allow the light to cool before you touch the bulb.

Step 2

Use a ladder or a chair to get to the light. To avoid injury, always make sure the ladder is locked.

Step 3

Use a cloth or a pair of gloves to remove the spring from the halogen light. Most halogen light bulbs will have a small spring to keep the bulb attached to the fixture. Use a pair of needle nose pliers to remove the spring if needed.

Step 4

Turn the old halogen bulb counterclockwise until the bulb can be pulled from the fixture.

Step 5

Look on the side of the bulb to find a three letter code. This three letter code will give you the model number you need to replace the bulb.

Step 6

Put the new bulb into the fixture. Turn the bulb clockwise until it is secure. The metal spring will be "clicked" into place when the bulb is secure.