If you have gnats, then you understand how frustrating these rather small insects can be. Gnats can attack your home at any time and garbage, food left out and houseplants are some common attractants for gnats. If you are trying to kill gnats in your home, consider using organic means to fight these flighty bugs, as toxic pesticides and chemicals can cause harm to plants, young ones and pets in your home.

Kill gnats organically to keep those in your home safe.

Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil as a spray mixture can help immobilize gnats, which will cause them to die off. Mix equal parts up in a spray bottle and shake it up, then spray at gnats. Make sure to clean surfaces a few hours after spraying to remove oils. You can also try spraying canned vegetable spray made for baking sheets and pans.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another way to squash a troublesome gnat infestation. You can mix it with some water in bowls to draw in and drown the gnats. Another idea is to pour the apple cider vinegar mixture into a spray bottle and spray the gnats. The smell of the vinegar might be off-putting at first but will fade away within a couple of hours.

Peppermint Oil

To add a fresh smell to your effort, try using peppermint oil. Mix it up with water and spray into gnat-infested areas. Peppermint oil, like vegetable oil, can also cause gnats to become immobilized. You can usually find pure peppermint oil at most herbal shops or all-natural food stores.


Red or white wine is another remedy for gnats and you can enjoy a glass yourself in the process. The sugar in wine will draw the gnats in and, once drawn in, gnats will drown in the beverage. Make sure to use bowls to prevent confusion, as you don't want someone to assume they might be sipping a plain glass of wine when its actually full of gnats. Stick with cheap wine, as there is no difference between cheap or pricey wines when it comes to gnat control.

All-Natural Soap

All-natural soap can be an effective method for ridding your home of gnats. Put some water in a bowl with a little bit of soap so that water gets good and sudsy. Lay out multiple bowls around the area and gnats will begin to drown in the soapy mixture. You can typically find all-natural soaps at most organic food markets.