The Best Mops for Cleaning Engineered Wood Floors

Engineered wood floors are made with wood that is manufactured into floor planks. They are different than laminate, which is fiberboard with a hard laminate shell printed to resembled wood. Engineered wood floors are real wood, so they need a mop that cleans without saturating the wood with water. Terry cloth hardwood floor mops, available in several sizes, are the ideal answer.

Everyday Spills

Though it will not damage the floor, it is wise to simply use a broom to clean up the floors on a daily basis. Using a mop every day will only cause more unnecessary work. Sweeping up crumbs, small spills and lint is easier with a dry, clean broom than with any mop, asides from lint mops with removable cleaning strips. Those work on engineered wood floors, real wood floors and laminate flooring.

Small Spills

Match the mop to the spill. For smaller spills, a light duty mop with a cloth head which you will find at the hardware or lumber store, is the best for cleaning engineered wood floors. These cloth head mops clean without using lots of water, therefore there is less risk of damaging the floor. The terry cloth head also cleans up tough spills like grease, due to its texture. The size of these cloth mops have a smaller cleaning surface, so it makes the best possible fit for the small spill. Sponge mops often leave behind too much water for an engineered floor.

Large Cleanups

If you have a large cleanup, get a bigger terry cloth head mop. The largest size wood floor mop is ideal here. Use this mop with a wood floor cleaner matched to your particular type of engineered wood; purchase a product labeled by the manufacturer of your engineered hardwood for best results. Do not completely saturate the terry cloth mop when cleaning the floor, as excess water may seep into the cracks of the engineered wood flooring. The dryer the surface, the better.

Cleaners and Alternatives

The best cleaners are the ones made precisely for your type of wood floor. Each floor has a seal coat on top of it, usually made of polyurethane. The cleaner therefore is designed to work with this specific type of sealer. Using vinegar or any other alternative may damage the floor's seal coat which leaves it vulnerable to staining and other damage.