What Would Cause a Linoleum Floor to Bubble?

It's annoying to look at your floor and see bubbles. If your linoleum floor is bubbling and is less than 1 year old, contact the manufacturer. If it is older, there is a way to fix this unsightly occurrence. The causes of bubbling are both varied and troublesome. Having the air conditioner on high when it was installed or allowing the sun to shine too strongly on the floor are some of the possible culprits.


If the linoleum is stretched, bubbles form.

Atmospheric conditions could cause the problem.

If the vinyl was cut tightly, bubbles can form.

The glue can also be the culprit if it was not properly mixed or had bubbles in the solution. The glue needs to be the same brand as the linoleum or it will not have the same capability to expand and contract.

If there has been any flooding, water can be the cause of bubbling.

Air bubbles being trapped into the linoleum are another culprit.

If a roller was not used to completely flatten it when the linoleum was laid, bubbles will start to appear.

When laying linoleum, the base wood floor has to be perfectly flat without any imperfections. If something like a pebble is under the linoleum, it will show through in the finished installation.

Installing the linoleum in strong daylight can cause it to change shape.


Cut the bubble open and flatten the edges and trim any overlap around the cut. Scrape off any glue from the floor under the edge with the old bubble. Apply new glue and let it sit for a few minutes. Press the edges down. Wipe off any extra glue. Put a piece of cloth on top of the fix and then put a board on top of that. Put something heavy on the board to put pressure on the fix. Leave it this way until it is dry.

A syringe to inject the glue is great to have around in case your floor bubbles again.

Sara Janis

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