The Z bar for carpet is needed when you are transitioning from a carpeted floor to a hard floor such as hardwood. The Z bar will create a clean, finished look to your flooring. Consider installing this yourself and save money on a carpet installer. By doing this yourself, you will also be gaining experience in changing carpets and adding Z bars for future needs of your home.

Step 1

Bring the carpet up to the point where the carpet will meet the hard floor and measure 1 extra inch of carpet over the hard floor.

Step 2

Cut the padding underneath the carpet back to the point of where the hard floor starts.

Step 3

Hammer the Z bar down by placing the tack bar on top of the edge of the Z bar and hammering the tack bar to the floor.

Step 4

Fold the carpet over on the edge so that the extra inch of the carpet side is flipped under, and using your knee kicker, stretch the carpet to the Z bar teeth. Bring the carpet into the Z bar lip recession where you will see built-in gripper teeth.

Step 5

Hammer down the top of the Z bar to grip and vice the carpet. You are now done with installation.