There are a number of different ways to care for hardwood flooring. One all-natural way is to use pure lemon oil or lemon oil extract. Use lemon oil to clean, moisturize and restore luster to your wood flooring. The added benefit of lemon oil is the fresh citrus scent.

Step 1

Treat scuff marks and scratches in your floor by pouring lemon oil onto a sponge and rubbing the scuff mark or scratch by hand. Rub the area gently, though, so you don't damage the floor.

Step 2

Move on to treating the entire floor with a sponge mop or by hand, using a soft cloth. Pour a small dab of lemon oil onto the mop or cloth and rub it along the floor, moving in a straight line. Once the oil on your mop or cloth is used up, pour more oil on and continue. Repeat until your entire floor has been treated.

Step 3

For very dirty areas, combine lemon oil with a floor cleaner. The lemon oil will lift up stubborn dirt and make the cleaner more efficient.