How to Repair Warped Laminate Flooring

Once a board or group of boards within your laminate floor begins warping, there's generally nothing to be done for it except to replace the boards with new boards. This isn't nearly as difficult on a laminate floor as a hardwood floor, because laminate floors today aren't nailed down to anything, but merely assembled like puzzle pieces and pinned down under the floor trim. Warping is generally caused by moisture, so make sure you've fixed the cause of the problem before replacing the boards.

Step 1

Use your hammer and prybar to remove the floor trim from the wall that runs parallel to the floorboards, and is the closer wall to the warped boards. Also remove the trim from both perpendicular walls. Remove it carefully, so you can re-install it later.

Step 2

Pull apart the floorboards, starting at the last course next to the parallel wall. Separate the boards by pulling them straight outward toward the wall (there will be a small gap there at the wall, previously hidden by the floor trim, providing space to move the pieces outward.)

Step 3

Proceed to disassemble the rest of the flooring course by course, laying each piece down where it came from, so you can re-assemble them in the same order. Continue until you reach the warped boards.

Step 4

Replace the warped boards with new boards of the same size, snapping them together at the sides.

Step 5

Reassemble the floor, working your way back toward the parallel wall, putting the planks back together in the same order they came apart.

Step 6

Re-install the floor trim, using your trim nailer.