Dyeing your own carpet is an easy and inexpensive way to cover stains on your existing carpet, or to permanently change the color of your carpet to customize the look of a room. You can only dye carpets made of wool or nylon fibers; the color will not stick to carpets made from any other fiber. Do not try to dye carpets a lighter color than the original because the color will not show up. Always select the same shade or a darker shade.

Dyeing a carpet can cover stains that don't come out with cleaning.

Step 1

Move all the furniture out of the room. Vacuum the entire carpet surface area with the beater brush lowered to remove dust and dirt.

Step 2

Shampoo the carpet with a carpet shampooer. Follow the use instructions that come with the machine. In general, add hot water and carpet shampoo to the machine's reservoir and walk slowly along the carpet. The shampooer will inject hot water and cleaner into the fibers, and suck up dirt and moisture.

Step 3

Let the carpet air dry.

Step 4

Put on protective rubber gloves.

Step 5

Mix the carpet dye in hot water, according to the instructions on the package. Some dyes require you to keep the container in a hot water bath during application. If that is necessary, fill a bucket with the hot water and keep the dye container in the bucket, but not submerged.

Step 6

Apply the dye to the carpet fibers with a paintbrush. Start in the corner farthest from the door, and paint the dye on the carpet in even strokes. Overlap the edges of your strokes to prevent streaking.

Step 7

Allow the carpet to dry according to the directions on the package. If your dye requires setting, fill a carpet steamer with water and run the steamer across the surface of the carpet, moving back and forth for eight minutes.

Step 8

Wait 24 hours before moving your furniture back into the room.