How to Restore a Heavily Matted Carpet

Carpets in hallways, or pathways with constant foot traffic, may eventually appear matted over time. The carpet pile becomes crushed from the weight of the traffic and can no longer spring back. Matted carpets require tools that reach deep into the pile to pull it up. Regular sweepers do not provide the required agitation necessary to restore the pile. With the right tools, you can keep your carpet looking like new.

Restore matted carpet with a wooden carpet rake.

Step 1

Position a wooden carpet rake at the edge of the matted carpet. Pull the rake slowly through the pile of the carpet.

Step 2

Run the wooden rake against the pile, pulling the carpet up and away from the floor. You may need to rake the carpet two to three times to pull the carpet fibers up. Rake the entire matted area of the carpet.

Step 3

Vacuum the carpet with a sweeper containing a beater bar. Glide the sweeper slowly over the carpet so the agitation from the beater bar can pull the carpet fibers from the flooring.