How to Apply for Free Housing Grants

These days many people are in need of home repairs to maintain their homes or improve energy effeciency, but can't afford to do them. There is help from the government in the form of grants available, but finding them is difficult. This article will help provide some insight on where to locate and apply for these housing grants.


Step 1

There are websites promising that they will find you every grant you would ever want for a small fee of $19.99 plus shipping and handling. Don't fall for these scams.

Step 2

The Housing and Urban Development or HUD is most often thought of when looking for grants, however they do not offer grants to individuals. They do offer many little to no interest loans but you are probably looking for grants, not loans.

Step 3

The government site to look up home improvement grants is . You have to check it often as many expire or do not last long.

The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) is another grant search site created by the government and is safe to use.

Step 4

Another excellent resource is your local government, usually on a county scale. Many grants are given to the county by the state or federal government to be distributed. Do a search for your county and you will usually bring up the county website. Send an email to the "contact us" explaining your interest in housing grants. There is almost always a housing committee that is a bountiful resource.

Step 5

After you find a grant for which you quality, you will have to write a grant application. This is a difficult task because each grant has a specific objective and you must explain how your projected project meets the grant's objective. As you might expect, there is extensive competition for these grants and your application must be complete or it will simply be rejected without even being considered. Take your time and be sure you have all the information needed before you submit the application.