How to Stain Brick Pavers

Overtime your brick pavers may lose the rich color they once had. The sun, moisture and foot traffic all can take a toll on brick pavers, causing them to look faded and dull. Stains can also be used to produce an antique appearance or to help match newer stones with older stones. Many stains are UV- and weather-resistant. Companies such as Paverstain, Permatint and Dyebrick make a variety of stains that can restore or change as well as protect the color and look of pavers.

Step 1

Choose a stain color. Some hardware stores can mix colors, so for matching pavers, bring one of the stones to be matched into the store with you. Some stains come in multi-part kits that you have to mix. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for additional mixing and application information.

Step 2

Test a small area of one brick with your stain to make sure the color is correct.

Step 3

Thoroughly clean or pressure-wash the area of pavers to be stained. Remove any oil spots by scrubbing with degreaser.

Step 4

Wear rubber gloves to prevent skin contact with the stain.

Step 5

Pour a portion of stain into a small bucket and paint a thin, even layer using a bristle paintbrush. A paint roller can also be used to help cover larger areas faster. Be sure to cover all exposed areas of brick and that the stain is uniformly soaking into the pavers. For an antique look, blot the stain on with a towel. In this case, the coating should be uneven and blotchy.

Step 6

Allow the stain to dry for at least 24 hours.

Mason Howard

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