How to Start a Pressure Washer. There are many kinds of pressure washers, and each has it's own specific type of mechanism to operate it. A pressure washer may come with an on/off switch, gas and oil spouts, ripcords, choke or automatic buttons. Once you locate it on the machine, your ready to start it up.

Step 1

Hook up all your hoses to the pressure washer, wand and water source before turning your pressure washer on for the job.

Step 2

Plug machine in if it's electric, or fill with the correct amounts of gas and oil when it's gas operated.

Step 3

Set your pressure washer up in the area where you're going to be working. Make sure the area is clear of clutter. Stretch the hose out before you start the pressure washer to know how far you can reach.

Step 4

Turn the on the machine if it has a switch and plug in any electric equipment initially with the setting on off.

Step 5

Locate the choke on a gas operated pressure washer, and turn it up for initial start-up.

Step 6

Stable the pressure washer by placing your hand on a safe location on top the washer. Hold the machine down with that hand, and pull the rip cord to start the washer.

Step 7

Adjust your choke back down after the pressure washer starts.