Joining metal gutters together is a process that you can do with a pop rivet gun and some gutter sealant. Allowing an overlap between the sections gives you the ability to join the metal gutters together, while providing a uniform look for the installation. You can join the sections together in just a few minutes and have your metal gutters ready to install. Always be mindful of the sharp edges on the metal gutters when using tin snips.

Step 1

Cut the ends of the gutter sections to fit the roof line with tin snips, allowing a 4-inch overlap between the gutter sections.

Step 2

Place a layer of gutter sealant along the inside of one of the gutter sections with a caulking gun about two inches from the edge of the section.

Step 3

Put one of the gutter sections inside the other section with a 4-inch overlap and press down to allow the sealant to adhere to the sections.

Step 4

Fasten the sections together about 1/2-inch from the overlap with a pop rivet gun, using two rivets on the bottom and two rivets each on both sides of the gutter.

Step 5

Spread a thin bead of gutter sealant along the inside edge of the overlap at the end of the section to prevent any leaks between the sections, and place a dab of sealant over each of the pop rivets.