How to Stop Moss From Growing on House Siding

Moss is a common problem for any homeowner who lives in a humid climate or an area that receives a high amount of rainfall. Moss can grow on nearly any surface, including house siding. Moss grows in dark or shady, moist areas. Moss growth is especially common on the north side of homes, as this surface receives the smallest amount of sunlight during the day. Preventing moss from growing on your house siding can keep your home looking beautiful and protect your family from potential health hazards that moss can cause.

Step 1

Clean the house siding to remove any moss that may already be growing on the surface. Wet the side of the house with a garden hose. Use a scrub brush to remove surface dirt and mold; consider filling a bucket with warm water and dish detergent and soaking the bristles of your brush for a more effective clean.

Step 2

Pour bleach into a spray bottle. For an effective diluted solution, mix one part bleach to four parts water in the bottle. Spray the moldy area of house siding with the solution from the spray bottle. Let the bleach react with the mold for a few minutes, then scrub away the bleach and mold. Rinse with the garden hose to remove any residue.

Step 3

Spray house siding with bleach once a week to prevent moss from growing. You should also spray the siding very well after an intense rainfall, as moss will be more likely to grow after a heavy rain.

Step 4

Purchase a commercial-strength surface cleaner such as Spray and Forget ( to prevent moss from growing on your house siding. These cleaners are safe for your lawn and siding, but will prevent unwanted moss growth. Read all instructions and warnings and apply the cleaner as instructed..