An Intex-brand aboveground pool is primarily composed of a durable vinyl material that holds the water in. A hole in the pool liner will leak water, which will eventually widen the tear, ruining the pool. To find the hole that the water is leaking through, use household supplies and items most homes have on hand. The procedure is straightforward and will not further damage the pool in any way. Once you've found the hole, you can repair it with the patching kit that comes with all Intex-brand pools.

Step 1

Turn on the kitchen sink's spigot. Fill a measuring cup with 9 oz. of water. Turn the spigot off.

Step 2

Add an ounce of dish-washing liquid to the measuring cup. Stir the mixture in the cup with your fingers.

Step 3

Unscrew the top from a spray bottle. Pour the mixture inside the measuring cup into the spray bottle. Screw the top back on.

Step 4

Spray a wall of the Intex-brand pool with the spray bottle. Watch the wall for a minute to see if any bubbles are emerging from the side -- if you see a bubble, that is where the hole is, because the escaping air is blowing the bubble.

Step 5

Spray another wall of the pool if you don't see any bubbles. Continue the procedure until you see a bubble. Now you can repair the hole using the patching kit.