How to Replace the Screen on a Pool Enclosure

Many pools in Florida are surrounded by an aluminum cage and mesh screen. The screen allows you to enjoy the swimming pool while helping to keep bugs out. Many screens are designed to provide shade over your pool. A typical screen lasts approximately eight to 10 years; however, weed eaters and animals may quickly ruin a screen long before its use is naturally exhausted. Replacing a damaged section of screen on your pool enclosure yourself saves money, as the materials are inexpensive, and hiring a professional screen-repair company each time the screen is damaged may become costly.

Step 1

Remove the old screen spine and screen from the grooves on the edge of the enclosure. If necessary, use the pliers to pull the spine out of the grooves.

Step 2

Measure the amount of screen needed to completely cover the section, then add approximately three to four inches more for overlap. Cut the spines to length.

Step 3

Hold the top of the screen in place, starting at a top corner. Leave a small amount of overlap in all four directions.

Step 4

Place the spine on top of the groove above the screen, then use the spine to push the screen into the groove. It is helpful to have a partner assist you with holding up the screen so that you are free to insert the spine into the grooves.

Step 5

Insert the spine and screen into the grooves on the sides of the enclosure and then in the bottom of the enclosure, using the same method used to insert the spine and screen into the top of the enclosure.

Step 6

Run the screen tool, which looks like a small pizza cutter, over the spine to push it farther into the grooves. The spine should appear flat with no bumps.

Step 7

Trim the excess screen from the grooves using a surgical blade or a utility knife.