Troubleshooting Timer Settings on a Caldera Spa

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Press the "Jets" button once for turn on the two-speed jet pump on low speed, press it two times to run this system on high speed, and press the button a third time to either turn the jet pump off or switch a one- to two-speed jet pump system on high speed, depending on the model. The Olympia model will run the one-speed jet pump on high speed when the button is pressed for a fourth time, and turn the jets off when the button is pressed for a fifth time.

The timer in Caldera spas operate the filter cycle and place the jets on low speed for the duration of the cycle. You can operate the jets on high speed by pressing the Jets button, but this will affect the timer settings. The settings can also become deactivated or locked, or can be affected by a malfunction that has nothing to do with your operation of the spa's keypad. In these cases, the timer will need to be unlocked or reset.


Step 1

Press and hold down the "Set" button for three seconds until the "F1" or "F2" icon flashes in the display. Press "Light" to select between Filter Cycle 1 or 2. Then select the "Temp Up" or "Temp Down" arrows to choose the length of the filter time preferred. The timer will run the jet pump on low speed for the 60 minutes during the filter cycle, and 12 hours after that for 30 minutes. If you place the jet pump on high during the filter cycle, the filter icon will blink in the display and not resume until 10 minutes after the jet pump is shut off.

Step 2

Press the "Set" button to deactivate the Spa or Temperature Locks. When the "Set" icon is flashing, press the Temp Down button to remove the spa lock or Temp Up button to remove the Temperature lock. Either the SLOC--spa lock--or TLOC--temperature lock--symbol will display. Press "Set" again to remove the lock. Now the timer settings should be available.

Step 3

Disconnect power to the Caldera spa for 30 seconds, then power it on again. This should reset the system and fix any timer settings.



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