Once you set up a Hayward sand filter, it is an efficient trouble free way to maintain clean, clear pool water. Although Hayward sand filters are quality filters, on occasion unexpected problems arise. Most problems with Hayward sand filters are caused by irregular filter maintenance. If you find that your filter isn't working properly, it's time to institute a few troubleshooting measures to get things back up and running again.

Maintain Clean Pool Water with a Hayward Sand Filter

Step 1

Analyze the circulation time. If you're running into a problem of not having clean pool water with your Hayward sand filter, there is a chance you're not running it long enough. Start by running it for eight hours in any given 24-hour period and then modify it as you see fit.

Step 2

Look at the pressure gauge. The pressure gauge is a good indicator as to how clean or dirty the pool's filter is. If the filter is dirty, it must work harder to clean the pool. This causes the pressure to rise. If the pressure gauge number has risen between eight and 10 points higher than it was when the pool filter was newly cleaned, perform a backwash to clean the sand in the Hayward filter.

Step 3

Test the pool water return flow. If the pool water return flow has slowed to a trickle, it could be a combination of dirty sand in the filter and/or something is preventing the water from entering into the pool Hayward sand filtration system. Clean the skimmer and pump baskets. If these two baskets are filled with leaves and dirt, it will slow the flow of water into the pool pump and into the filter.

Step 4

Check for leaks around the filter and pool hose connections. Hayward sand filters operate optimally in a complete vacuum environment. If you detect leaks around the filter or the pool hose connections, that means water is getting out and air can be getting in. Turn off the filter and tighten all leaking connections.

Step 5

Evaluate the condition of the impeller. Impellers are responsible for pulling the water from the pool and pushing it into the sand filter. In Hayward sand filters, the impeller is located in the pump just behind the pump basket. Turn off the filter, open the lid to the pump basket and reach through the basket tube toward the impeller. If you feel leaves, or dirt, remove it. Replace the lid and turn on the filter.