How to Repair a Concrete Seawall

A seawall is an invaluable structure for those homeowners who live close to the ocean and rely on the concrete wall to protect their homes from water damage. The constant ground movements and battering of the wall by the elements can often lead to unsightly cracks and a pitted surface. You can easily repair the cracks and restore the look and finish of the wall.

Restore the finish of your concrete seawall

Step 1

Brush out debris from any cracks and pitted parts of the wall with the wire brush.

Step 2

Apply enough water to the cracks and pits so that the concrete is just damp to the touch.

Step 3

Brush on the concrete bonding liquid with a standard paintbrush. Be sure to fit the brush all the way into the back of deep cracks.

Step 4

Mix the concrete with water in a bucket in the ratio outlined on the packaging.

Step 5

Scoop the concrete into the cracks and pits with the pointed trowel and be sure to force it as far back into the cracks as it can go.

Step 6

Smooth the concrete level with the existing surface by using the flat trowel.

Step 7

Allow the concrete repairs to dry until they are damp to the touch, then moisten the end of a broom and sweep the broom over the repairs for a textured look. The repairs will typically cure within 24 hours.