How Do I Remove House Shutters That Have Plastic Screws Without a Head?

Many shutters, especially those made of vinyl, are installed with fasteners called shutter locks. Shutter locks are plastic screws that have a flat head and are tapped into the side of the building to attach the shutter. If you need to remove the house shutters but the screws have no head, you cannot remove them like you would a traditional screw, since there are no grooves for a screwdriver. The only way to remove shutter locks from shutters is to cut them off.

Plastic shutter screws are called shutter locks.

Step 1

Put on work gloves and place a ladder next to the window so you can reach the house shutter.

Step 2

Insert a hacksaw blade into the space between the back of the shutter and the wall of the building. You probably will not be able to use the hacksaw itself, since there is not much room behind a shutter.

Step 3

Slide the hacksaw blade downward until it stops on one of the plastic nails. Move the blade in a sawing motion until it cuts through the back of the nail.

Step 4

Repeat the process to cut all remaining nails on that side of the shutter and then reposition the ladder to cut through the nails on the other side of the shutter.

Step 5

Lift the shutter to take it down off the wall.

Step 6

Insert a 1/4-inch drill bit into an electric drill and position the bit against the center of one of the plastic nails that are still stuck in the wall. Drill the center of each plastic nail, which causes it to crumble and come out. Repeat to drill out all the other nails remaining in the wall.

Step 7

Fill each of the holes in the exterior of the house with exterior-grade silicone caulk.