How to Repair a Bent Gutter

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Things You'll Need

  • Ladder

  • Drill bit

  • Drill

  • Gutter spikes and sleeves

  • Hammer


More gutter spikes may be necessary, depending on how bad the bend is. They can be installed closer together if 12 inches is too far apart.


Always be careful when working on a ladder. Set it on steady ground to ensure it is stable when in use. Ladders can fall and cause fatal injuries when used incorrectly.

Gutters on a house need to be repaired when bent or broken.

Gutters are installed across the front eave of nearly every house to help move rain and water away from the house. Rain drains from the roof, down the gutters and through the downspout away from the house. Gutters are typically made of either aluminum or vinyl and both are installed in a similar manner. Over time, gutters suffer wear and tear, sag and become bent. Repairing a damaged gutter is accomplished rather easily with the proper tools and the right instruction.


Step 1

Climb a ladder and inspect the gutter to determine where exactly it is sagging and bent. Clean out any debris and other materials that may be clogging the gutter and causing it to bend.

Step 2

Locate the center of the bend and drill a pilot hole through the top of the gutter. Set the sleeve of the gutter spike inside the gutter and line it up with the pre-drilled hole.

Step 3

Push the gutter spike in and through the sleeve until it hits the back of the gutter against the eave of the house. Hammer the spike the rest of the way in through the back of the gutter. Move the ladder 1 foot down the gutter and repeat the same process. Move 1 foot to the other side of the first hole and insert another spike to further correct the sag and bend in the gutter.


Step 4

Inspect the gutter from the top of the ladder to make sure it is no longer bent and is attached firmly to the house. Look at the gutter from ground level to verify that it is straight and in proper working order.



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