What are the Husqvarna 257 Specifications?

Many different varieties of chainsaw are available on the market. These chainsaws differ in overall size, engine horse power, bar length and the degree of automation. Husqvarna, a subsidiary of Electrolux since 1978 has been making chainsaws for over 40 years and the Husqvarna 257 has many specifications that not only compete with other chainsaws on the market but also offer innovations resulting from experience.

The Husqvarna 257 has a 15 inch bar.


The Husqvarna 257 chainsaw features a 57 CC engine that operates on a mixture of two-stroke engine oil and gasoline of 90 octane quality or better. When fueled properly, the Husqvarna 257 engine produces up to 3.7 horsepower and is capable of cutting through trees, thick boards or debris. The engine is started by a Ducati starting system with Champion spark plugs. All of this is regulated by an HDA 120 carburetor and an automatic oil pump with a 6.5-13.5 ml per minute capacity at 85,000 rpm. All of these factors contribute to the Husqvarna's speed and overall job performance. The Husqvarna 257 chain saw has an idle engine speed of 2,700 rpm and a maximum speed of 13,000 rpm at full throttle.


The chainsaw bar is what holds the chain. The size of the bar determines not only the length of chain required but also the size of the tree, board or other material that can be cut easily by the chainsaw in one movement. The standard bar accompanying the Husqvarna 257 at the time of purchase is 15 inches. This bar can be removed and replaced with a larger or smaller bar for bigger or more delicate jobs. The recommended bar size range for the Husqvarna 257 is between 13 and 20 inches. This puts the usable cutting length for the bar between 11 and 19 inches.


The chain accompanying the Husqvarna 257 chainsaw is a Husqvarna H21 chainsaw. As with the replaceable bar, the chainsaw chain can be replaced according to the bar length of the chainsaw. A 13-inch bar will use a Husqvarna H25 chain saw chain while a 20-inch bar will use a Husqvarna H42 chain.

Vibration and Noise

The vibration level helps determine how well the chainsaw handles as well as how much noise the chainsaw produces while running. The vibration level for the Husqvarna 257 is 3.5 meters per second squared at the front handle and 5.8 meters per second squared at the rear handle. This chainsaw also produces sound up to 99.5 decibels at the operators ear and 109 decibels general noise power.