Termites are intrusive insects that feast on wood. They can destroy homes and kill trees if they are left untreated. Because termite queens lay hundreds of eggs a day infestation occurs rapidly. The most common methods of getting rid of termites are chemical, but there are organic alternatives that don't pollute the environment or hurt other, beneficial insects. Most indoor termite treatment is best left to professionals. Anyone can do outdoor treatments. Here are some chemical-free alternatives.

Kill Termites Without Chemicals

Introduce other insects that prey on termites like flies, spiders, wasps and ants. Reptiles, birds and bats are also termite predators.

Step 2

Add organic material like compost or manure to your soil. Some termites like to eat dead plants. Increasing the organic material will leave the termites with no food source.

Step 3

Avoid using non-organic fertilizers. They encourage fast growth which creates more soft tissue in plants for the termites to eat.


Find the termite mound and break it up. Remove the queen.

Step 5

Provide an alternative food source. Mulch made from manure and hay are more attractive to some termite species than living plants.

Step 6

Place strong magnets in the ground around new termite nests. The magnets will disturb certain species and keep them from building a bigger mound.

Termite damage

Have a professional heat treat your house. The temperature of the house and contents is brought to 120 degrees F and kept there for 33 minutes. This is most effective in smaller homes and apartments because it is difficult to heat some materials like concrete. It also can damage the contents of the home.

Step 8

Find a company that offers microwave spot treatments for termite infestations. Microwaves cause the fluids in termite's cells to boil.

Step 9

Hire a company that uses high-voltage electricity to kill termites. The insects are electrocuted.

Step 10

Drill holes into infested areas and apply orange oil, or d-limonene. Orange oil has very low toxicity but will kill termites in the immediate area.

Step 11

Prevent future infestations by creating a barrier the insects can't burrow through. Dig a trench around the slab of the house and fill it with uniform sized pebbles.