How to Get Rid of Woodpeckers on My Cedar Siding

Not only are woodpeckers annoying with all of their pecking, but they can quickly cause damage to your cedar siding. They can also leave a big mess. In addition, they are also quite stubborn and once they find a place they like, they are not eager to leave. To add to all these difficulties, woodpeckers are federally protected, so you can't just get rid of them any way you like. You have to entice them to go somewhere else without causing them any harm.

Woodpeckers can be a real challenge to keep off of cedar siding.

Step 1

Mount a screen frame about one foot away from the house where the woodpeckers are pecking your cedar siding.

Step 2

Cut the reflector tape into two-foot long strips. The two-inch wide reflector tape works the best. Attach the strips to the frame. The noise and refelction of the tape will scare the woodpeckers away.

Step 3

Patch any holes in your siding or roof and spray for insects. Insects will attract woodpeckers.

Step 4

Spread bird repellent glue on your siding. Woodpeckers won't stick to the glue, but they don't like it so they will avoid it. You can purchase this online or at feed and home stores.

Step 5

Place a plastic owl on your roof. An animated one that makes noise is best to scare off woodpeckers.

Step 6

Wait it out. During mating season, male woodpeckers attract females by hammering. He'll move along when he has acquired a mate.